Department of  History of Ukraine
The head of the department: doctor of historical sciences, professor Volodymyr Borysenko
      The staff of department:
      reads normative courses on disciplines «History of Ukraine»; 
      reads special author courses for students-bachelor's and students-master's degrees;
      researches scientific subject «Modern problems of history of Ukraine»;
      scientific school „Social-national problems of history of Ukraine in the second half 17-th – to the beginning of 20-th  century” of academician of Ukrainian Academy of historical sciences, professor Volodymyr  Borysenko works;
      post-graduate study and doctoral studies;
      in its scientific reserve there are monographs and train aids, more than hundred scientific articles.

Contacts: tel. 044  244-09-09
Ukraine,  03037, Kyiv-37, Osvity str. 6, r. 31.                                                                                                                   
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